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i want to talk to you about the top 10

debt consolidation loans for bad or fair

credit we are speaking here about

massive amounts approved and low aprs

don’t go anywhere you’re going to love

to this conversation i guarantee it


welcome back folks to another edition of

the awesome sort of kiwi show how are

you today i hope you’re all doing

fantastic i’m doing marvelous if you

ever ask me if you are doing as great as

i am go grab a cup of coffee or tea or

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in today’s conversation i want to talk

to you about the top 10 massive debt

consolidation loans for bad affair

credit and we have low aprs fantastic

number 10 we have a pa form our score

7.5 over 10 so pform is our best

peer-to-peer lender okay it’s a

peer-to-peer landing uh platform that

offers rates starting at 5.99

and but they do also have a origination

fees starting at one percent okay so

what are the pros and cons here you have

pre-qualification available no

prepayment penalties when making extra

payments or paying off

the remaining balance on the loan and

borrowers can qualify for a loan even

with the short credit history this is

really wonderful and accounts you have

origination fees from one percent to

five percent and at four thousand

dollars the minimum loan amount is high

okay so yeah and no joint applications

are actually approved so maximum amount

twenty five thousand dollars minimum

four thousand dollars apr ranges from

five point eight nine percent to twenty

nine point nine uh twenty nine point

nine nine percent yeah

and uh the minimum recommended credit

score it goes from 550 to 600 okay and

for pure form requires one year’s worth

of credit history without delinquencies

so it’s very important and you can

receive your money within a few business


number nine folks we have here rocket

loans our score

eight over ten so this is great for fast

funding okay if you’re looking for a

alone with fast funding this is really

good you have same day funding available

you also have you can you can check your

initial rate without affecting your

credit score so we love the softball

that rocket loans has

and it is available this loan is

available for those with lower credit

scores okay

what about the drawbacks one percent to

six percent origination fee individual

applications only and you have auto pay

discounts smaller compared to other


and here here is the other important

information you need to know about this



the loan goes from 2000 to forty five

thousand dollars the apr goes from five

for ninety seven percent to thirty

percent with auto pay the fees you have

one one to six percent original

origination fee and a fifteen dollar

late fee

and uh the minimum recommended credit

score 580. this is really good okay you

must be a u.s citizen or permanent

resident and you need to actually be 21

or 18 based on the age of uh

majority in your state and the repayment

terms 36 or 60 months this is really


number eight folks we have wells fargo

our score 8 over 10. so if you basically

want an in-person loan experience let’s

say you want a loan application

experience in person you want to go to a

branch this is kind of cool because

wells fargo has more than 5 000 branches

across the country this is really good

and if you have a good credit fair

credit they’ll stay they’ll still

approve you and

what about the what are the pros and

cons here funding as soon as the next

business day

high maximum loan amount discounts are

available on loan rates

what about accounts the

pre-qualification option is only

available to current customers in-person

applications only for new customers and

uh you know wells fargo has a history of

scandal so they need to clean their act

but overall this is a great loan

uh the loan goes from three thousand

dollars to one hundred thousand dollars

the apr ranges from 5.74 to 20

with 0.25 relationship discounts this is

important to have an npr with wells

fargo a multi-product relationship

and uh they want a minimum credit score

of 670 but if you have an npr with the

bank they will approve you if you have a

580 minimum and if you want to receive a

rate discount you need to opt into

autopay with a qualifying wells fargo

bank account okay repayment terms 12 to

84 months so that’s one year to seven

years and time to receive funds as soon

as the next business day this is really


number seven folks we have here marcus

so our score 8.5 over 10. so marcus

is an online branch of goldman sachs and

they offer high yield save savings

accounts and personal loans okay loans

go as high as forty thousand dollars and

there are no fee whatsoever and apr

starts at 6.99 percent and go up to 20

you also have the option to change your

due date if the one assigned to you does

not work for you okay

let’s talk about the pros and cons here

pros low apr starts at 6.99 for

borrowers with excellent credit no fees

not even lit fees pre-qualifications

options available to see if you are

legible before applying this is really

good so you have a soft pool and auto

pay is available

that comes no cosigner option and at

least you might have high fair credit

we’re speaking here about 580 585 to

qualify and other important information

folks so minimum

and maximum in terms of the loan amount

we have 3 500 to 40 thousand dollars

apr 7 to 20

and you also the repayment terms 36 to

72 months and the time to receive funds

within one to four business days



number six folks we have best egg

our score 8.5 overton so what do you

think about best egg i want you to think

about it online landing platform okay

platform and they’ve they’ve been around


seven years eight years and they have

they have been helping uh hundreds of

thousands of borrowers find personal

loans they can use to consolidate debt

for or for other purposes

okay and uh what are the pros and cons

here if you have a fair credit score

let’s say you have 580

600 620 you can qualify

but you’re not going to get the lowest

rate though just want to

you know clarify that you can have two

loans open at once with best egg and a

soft credit inquiry when you check your

loan rate this is really good so no hard

pull here

until you want to go ahead and sign the

promissory notes okay the accounts they

charge in origination fee from

one percent to six percent a low they

have a low maximum loan amount compared

with other lenders

and the thing here is a credit score of

700 or higher and at least 100 000

annual income is necessary to qualify

for the lowest apr okay so for this loan

we have uh the loan goes from 2 000 to

35 000

and the apr goes from six percent to 36


they do charge an origination fee of


and return payments also incur fees of

15 each okay and uh so one thing i want

to say here is that in addition to your

credit score and income best egg will

review your your tti your debt to income

ratio so if your income is higher than

your debt you may qualify repayment

terms 36 to 60 months and time to

receive funds as little as one to three

business days okay

number five we have pen fed

our score 8.5 over 10 pen fed is uh is a

credit union it’s been a panagon federal

credit union okay and they offer

unsecured and fixed fixed-rate personal

loans for debt consolidation so while

you need to become a member of the

credit union in order to receive loan

funds you can do so by opening a savings

account with a five dollar initial

deposit and you don’t have to have

military affiliation to qualify for this

loan not a problem if you you can every

anybody’s can qualify okay and uh so

we’re speaking about the estimated api

that starts at 4.99 percent the loan

amounts 600 to 50 000

time to receive funds one or two

business days after loan approval or

same day at the branch

term lengths one to five years okay

minimum annual income eighteen thousand

dollars gross income that’s fifteen

hundred dollars per month

and there are fees late fees or 29

return payment fee of 30

and all loans are subject to a minimum

monthly payment of 50

so this is something that you need to


number four folks we have here evan

our score 9 over 10 so evan is great for

bad credit so and evan through its

relationship with web bank offers

and this also serves personal loans for

qualified borrowers okay and so what are

the pros and cons here

no the pros no prepayment penalties they

perform a soft credit inquiry when you

first check your loan rates and terms

and you have an easy to use app that

lets you manage your accounts on a

mobile device but this is really good

and the cons their apr is high compared

to what you might qualify for

somewhere else if you have good credit

and they have an upfront administration

fee up to 4.75 that comes directly out

of your loan this is like kind of

similar to the origination fee all right

and late fees and dishonest payment fees

are do also apply

and other important information

the loan goes from two thousand to

thirty five thousand the minimum very

minimums vary by states okay the apr

range 9.95 percent to 35.99 percent and

uh they i’ve already talked about the

fees they do charge a fee of 4.75

and if you are in if you have a credit

score of 580 570 you can qualify


and um

evan considers your credit score and

income to determine if you qualify for a

loan and if so how much you can borrow

they may need to verify information

about your identity employment income

and bank account as part of the

application process

and their repayment terms 24 to 60

months okay and funds are usually

available by the next business day

number three folks we have payoff our


9 over 10 and this is a great option for

folks with a fair credit okay and they

will help you uh consolidate credit card

debts and uh what are the the pros and

cons here pros you can borrow with a bad

or fair credit score as low as 550 if

you can satisfy other loan requirements

fee uh very few fees applies you have

loaning close no application fee

prepayment fee a late fee or annual fee

a soft credit inquiry allows you to

check your rate online and what are the

counts limitations on how you can use

the funds you can only consult the

credit card debts and other unsecured

installment loans

origination fee up to uh five percent

may apply and minimum rate increases to


seven percent if you need to borrow more

than fifteen thousand dollars okay here

is other important information

minimum maximum five thousand to forty

thousand dollars apr range

six percent to twenty five percent

okay and uh you have a seven percent

minimum for loans over fifteen thousand

dollars and uh originally you have some

origination fees that range from

zero percent to five percent fico score

recommended 550 okay and uh to qualify

they’ll also consider your debt to

income ratio of 50 or lower age of

credit history and satisfactory trade

lines that you have paid on time and

zero delinquencies on your credit report

in the past 12 months okay and the

repayment terms

two to five years and you can receive

funds between uh two to five business

days okay and right now payoff loans are

not available to residents of the

following states massachusetts

mississippi nebraska and nevada i’ll be

right back right after this don’t go



welcome back folks to another section of

the awesome sweetie q show we are

honestly having a conversation about the

top 10 debt consolidation loans for bad

affair credit and i want to talk to you

now about navy fed number two navy fed

our score 9.5 over 10. this is our best

offer for loan transparency navy fed is

a credit union so you need to become a

member to qualify but you don’t need

military affiliation based on our

research 99.99 of americans still

qualify for a navy fed membership okay

what are the pros and cons here pros low

aprs 7.49 to 18 this is really good

loans as high as 50

dollars no origination fees no

prepayment fees co-applicants are


that comes you need to be a member okay

there is a 29 late fee and credit income

requirements not specified

what we have seen is that you can

qualify if you have at least if you make

at least eighteen thousand dollars a

year that’s gross revenue across in

gross pay okay that’s fifteen hundred

dollars uh a month

and one thing we wanna say also is that

when you think about

navy federal you want to think about a

credit union that is really strong in

terms of customer service they also

besides a debt consolidation loan they

offer a constellation of other personal

loans that you might qualify for so if

you don’t qualify for this

debt consolidation loan apply for

another loan but overall this is a great

company to consider

number one folks in our view the best of

the best the best debt consolidation

loan for bad or fair credit

you have you have a live stream

okay so last stream is the online

learning division of suntrust bank

aka trust okay and they offer rates

starting at 2.49 think about it 2.49

with auto pay on personal loans for debt

consolidation the rates will vary

through that they will vary depending on

the the amount and the duration of the

loan okay if you qualify this lender may

let you borrow up to 100 000

so when you add in the benefits of no


livestream aka truest now may be an

affordable option to consolidate other

high interest debts okay what about what

are the pros and cons

rates as low as four as low as 2.48

percent 2.49 rather no fees and last

stream guarantees to beat any qualifying

rate from another lender okay what about

the cons here folks

we have to pay attention to the fact

that with this loan good credit is

recommended if you have bad credit or

fair credit you might want to have a

relationship with choice

the parent company of uh live stream if

you have a if you have a savings account

uh checking accounts with them they

might actually uh you know qualify you

and no pre-approval so you must allow a

hard inquiry on your credit report to

check your rate

so we are looking at five thousand to

one hundred thousand dollars apr goes

from two point forty nine percent to

nineteen ninety percent for

consolidation loans after signing up for


okay livestream does not charge

borrowers any fees so florida loans are

subject to documentary stem tax

and minimum credit score 580 to 660.

okay and uh one thing i want to say here

is that you can actually borrow for a

term that goes from 24 to 84 months 24

months to 84 months and funds are

deposited in your account the same day

you apply so this is really good really

really good

let me share with you some bonus first i

have a two more loans i want to share

with you we have here one main financial

our score 7.5 over 10 this is a great

loan for a fair to poor credit if you

want to consult the debt okay and uh

this uh

the bank is based in uh in indiana and

we love the fact that uh

first of all they have a lot of perks a

lot of pros

so there is no penalty for paying off

your one-man loan early if you don’t

qualify for for an unsecured personal

loan they may accept your car votes rv

or motorcycle as collateral

assuming that it is insured and

appraises at a sufficient value okay

what about accounts they charge and they

charge origination fees late fees and

insufficient funds fees which can vary

by state and their rates are also

exceptionally high and because their

lowest the possible rate is near the red

cap for many other lenders so something

you need to think about okay so

for uh

for this lender one minute financial

minimum credit score is around 560.

the estimated apr 18 to 36 percent loan

amounts 1500 to 20 000

okay time to receive funds as soon as

the next business day of their approval

and term length you have two years to

five years okay this is important and in

terms of uh fees you have a

constellation of fees and one thing you

need to understand is that there are

minimum loan amounts that vary by states


we also want to share with you this


and our score 7 over 10 discover is

great for good credit and next business

day funding and they offer unsecured

personal loans for debt consolidation

with the option to pay creditors early

okay a minimum credit score here is a

  1. it goes from 600 to 660 and uh

the apr

six person to 25

loan amount 2500 to 3500 okay you can

receive the funds the next business day

as soon as the next business day and

minimal minimum annual income twenty

five thousand dollars that’s gross

income okay and the term length

three to seven years

and uh there’s a late fee of 39

and as a borrower you must be a us

citizen or permanent resident and be at

least 18 years of age and they might ask

you to provide proof of employment and

in some cases discovery will ask for an

employment verification letter they do


they if you want to have a high amount

because remember their limit is thirty

five thousand dollars so if you want to

get a thirty five thousand or let’s say

thirty thousand dollars from discover

they might ask for more

paperwork okay


so when we talk about debt consolidation

what is it really i mean so i’ve given

you the top 10 debt consolidation loans

for bad or fair credit but let me just

quickly have some explanation here what

are we talking about when we talk about

debt consolidation we’re talking about

combining several debts that you already

owe together into a single new accounts

so once combined you make one monthly

payment to take care of your total

credit application okay and that the

term debt consolidation can describe a

few different approaches to combining

debts including applying for a new

consolidation loan to refinance existing

debts or using a credit card balance

transfer to consolidate debts so with

both approaches that consolidation can

roll several existing financial

obligations into one so ideally with

either option your goal should be to

obtain a lower interest rate and better

terms right this is really important so

and uh usually so in general debt

consolidation is limited to unsecured

credit obligations it must be unsecured

so this may include credit cards student

loans and unsecured installment loans

you currently owe

medical bills may also fit into this

category however if you want to

refinance a secure loan like a mortgage

you will generally need to look at

different financing options this is very

important okay and so you have two ways

you can do that consolidation loans or

credit card balance transfers

and the thing here is that you need to

think about debt consolidation and your

credit the impact on your credit okay

you have to think about how much it will

it will cost how it will impact your


because usually um that consolidation

loans may be good for your credit scores

depending on the information on your

credit report okay so you have to take

those if you take fico and then score

credit models they actually pay

attention to your debt to income ratio

they pay attention to your credit

utilization ratio and other stuff so you

have to really really think about your

personal situation overall based on our

research we believe that a debt

consolidation loan is a great idea yes

because you your monthly payments are

manageable you can qualify for a lower

interest rate you’re paying down your

debts faster and this is kind of cool

also if you have a steady income okay

before i close to this conversation

check out this loan evaluation approach

video it talks to you about our street

method when it comes to evaluating

reviewing and categorizing loans on the

show check this out


let me quickly recapture this

conversation so i was talking to you

about the top 10 debt consolidation

loans for bad or fair credit number one

we have a live stream 10 over 10 number

two we have navy fed 9.5 over 10 number

three we have payoff nine over ten

number four we have avant nine over ten

number five we have pen fed eight point

five over ten number six we have a best

egg 8.5 over 10 number seven we have

markets by goldman sachs 8.5 over 10

number eight so we have a wells fargo

eight over ten number nine we have a

rocket loans eight over ten number ten

we have a seven point we have pure form

7.5 over 10 and we have two bonus

lenders that i want to share with you we

have a one main financial 7.5 over 10

and this cover

7 over 10. thank you so much for your

attention folks i really appreciate it

i’ll see you next time but until then

remember stay





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