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  • Types of Foreign Exchange Market

    A foreign-currency market is called the market in which foreign currencies are purchased and sold. The purchase and buying of currencies from various countries are carried out by the purchasers and sellers here. In general, on the basis of the nature of the transaction, the foreign exchange market is classified into four categories. Here are […]

  • What is Money Market? A Quick Overview

    Money Market for short-term funds is understood as a market, whereby loans and borrowings of funds vary between overnight and a year. It is an important part of the financial system which helps companies, banks, financial institutions, government agencies, etc. meet the short-term and very short-term demands. Salient Features of Money Market: The transaction volume […]

  • What are the Functions of the Foreign Exchange Market?

    The market for foreign exchange is where purchasers and sellers participate in the purchase and sale of foreign currencies. Just the market in which the different currencies are purchased and sold from different countries is referred to as the exchange market. Forex, the worldwide network that allows exchanges around the world, is the commonly known […]

  • What is IPO? How does it work?

    The first sale of the stock, by a private company or any government-owned company open to the general public, is the Initial Public Offering. A new company, a budding or an old company that decides to be enrolled in exchange, can be an IPO. The company is therefore publicly available. In an IPO, a company […]

  • Types of Foreign Exchange Transaction

    Any act of buying or selling foreign currency, or borrowing, giving credit or accepting or providing foreign currency in any way is referred to as a Foreign Exchange Transaction. The word as well includes the act of granting approval besides foreign exchange by the Bank. Here are the types of Transactions: Spot Transaction: The spot […]

  • A Brief Intro on Commodity Market

    Definition: The market for commodities means the location for the exchange between investors of products produced or grown. It brings all participants together to determine the price at which the goods can be traded throughout the market. The price of a product is determined by the use of sellers for a particular price in an […]

  • What is the Budget? A Brief of it

    The budget is described in the general sense as a precise statement that constitutes for a certain period a financial estimate of government revenues and expenditure. A budget is a quantitative statement in the cost accounting system prepare for future receipts and disbursements before a certain period. As for budgeting, we call the integrated process […]

  • What is a “Secondary Market”? A Full Explanation

    “Secondary Market” is a market, which offers investors a platform for trading in initially issued securities. This means the initial securities issued on a primary market by the corporations, central and state governments and public bodies via the IPO are securities such as equities, liabilities, debentures, futures, options, etc (Initial Public Offer). The stock is […]

  • Main Functions of Business Finance – A Brief

    The following are the main functions of business finance in an organisation: People learn about money when they are young. This transaction is a financial transaction when parents ask their children to fulfil various tasks in exchange for an allowance. In 20 years, you’ve traded a variety of things for your own business. You’re now […]

  • Who is an Entrepreneur? And Entrepreneurship

    Entrepreneur: An entrepreneur is someone who creates an innovation company. They manage the company and take the risk of its success. An entrepreneur’s definition is not stoneware. Learn more about the different types of entrepreneurs, their performances and their characteristics to get a better insight into what an entrepreneur is. What is an Entrepreneur? The […]