What is Ethereum? A Simple Guide

What on earth is Ethereum? I mean, we keep hearing about it all the time, I’ve seen it’s the second-largest cryptocurrency around but I just can’t seem to wrap my head around it. Is it as revolutionary as Bitcoin? Is it actually that revolutionary as we know it? Wanna have a better understanding of Ethereum, but not familiar with all the technical terms? Stick around and I will help you to understand it without any technical knowledge and will try to make it as simple as possible

History of Ethereum

Ethereum first came up in late 2013 and then invented in 2014 by Vitalik Buterin who was the co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine at that time. The Ethereum programme has thousands of independent machines running it meaning it’s fully decentralized, and any governmental party doesn’t have any control over it. Once an application is deployed to the Ethereum network these machines, also known as nodes, will make sure it performs as it was written. As the concept of digital decentralization was exhibited by Bitcoin, a whole new array of chances became available.

history of ethereum
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Ethereum allows everyone to connect directly with each other without central sovereignty to take care of things. It’s a network of different computers or rigs that together combine into one dominant, decentralized supercomputer. That is, a contract on the Ethereum network is the ultimate authority and no one could revoke the contract. The verdicts themselves would be horde-sourced and decentralized. Though it all sounded great, the code wasn’t secured very well and emanated in someone figuring out a way to evacuate the DAO out of money. Now you could say that the individual who drained the DAO was a “cheater”. But some would quarrel that this was just a person who was taking the advantage of the gap he found in the DAO’s smart contract. But after that, the Ethereum community decided that the code no longer is jurisdiction and changed the Ethereum rules in order to return all the money that went into the DAO. In other words, the capitalists did something foolish and the Ethereum developers decided to assure them out. The tiny minority group that didn’t agree with this step stuck to the original Ethereum Blockchain before its protocol was altered and that’s how Ethereum Classic was inherent, which is literally the original Ethereum.

Current Scenario

Now, we’ve covered plenty up so far and therefore the last item I would like to speak about is Ethereum as a currency. We’ve already pinpointed that Ethereum is pre-dominantly an outsized bunch of machines working jointly like one supercomputer to execute code that powers Dapps. However this costs money – Money to urge the machines, to power them up, store them and funky them if needed. That’s why Ether was invented. When people mention the worth of Ethereum they really are pertaining to Ether – the currency that incentivizes people to run the Ethereum protocol on their computer. this is often very almost like the way Bitcoin miners get purchased maintaining the Bitcoin blockchain. So as to deploy a sensible contract to the Ethereum platform, its author must pay to try to do so. That payment is formed within the sort of ether. Sometime past it cost around 40 cents to shop for one Ether. Today, one Ether is valued in many dollars since the utilization of the Ethereum network has grown immensely thanks to the ICO hype that started in 2017.



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